Figured I'd organize what I've written so far so as to make it easier for reference.  And again to all readers, thank you for your continued support.  It's been a fun journey thus far, and that's in part because of you !  And of course, the darling boys that make it so enjoyable to place them in various situations.  Creative juices, ahoy!


© Series

ª Thunderstorms and Tempest (COMPLETED; all Arashi; Jun / Sho):
Cloud 0 a.k.a. Prologue: The Calm Before The Storm
Cloud 1: Electric Sparks In The Clouds
Cloud 2.1| Cloud 2.2: Puddles and Ripples
Cloud 3: The Downpour Doesn't Let Up
Cloud 4.1 | Cloud 4.2: Raindrops Are Falling On Everyone's Heads
Cloud 5.1: The Weather Vane Spins
Cloud 5.2: The Weather Vane Spins... Again
Cloud 6.1 | Cloud 6.2 | Cloud 6.3: Muddied Waters
Cloud 7.1 | Cloud 7.2: Stormfronts Collide
Cloud 8: Darkest Hour Before Dawn
Cloud 9.1 | Cloud 9.2: A Break In The Clouds
FINAL Cloud 10.1 | Cloud 10.2: Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

© One-shots

ª Don't I Deserve One Too? (G: Jun / Sho)
ª Matsujun's 27th Birthday
(G: Jun / Sho)
ª Who Has The Best Skills
(PG-13: Jun / Sho)
ª Drawing The Line
(G: Jun / Sho)
ª Late-night Calls (G: Jun / Nino)
ª Three Little Words (PG-13: Jun / Sho)

ª The Ru-les Of The Game We Play (PG-13: Jun / Sho)
ª What Love's All About (G: OT5)

© Puzzle & Dragons Universe (chronological order)

ª Staying Never Sounded Better... Or Worse (G: chibi Jun / Sho) NEW!
ª Face, Myself (G: Jun / Sho)

© Drabbles

ª Laws of Motion (G: Aiba; Jun / Sho; Ohno / Nino)
ª Matters of Size (PG: Jun / Sho)
ª Restoring The Equilibrium (G: Jun / Sho)

ª Take A Deep Breath (G: Jun / Sho)